“Kristina  – Thank you, SO MUCH, for the amazing healing work you have done on me.  The stretching, and the exercises you gave me to do on my own, have relieved the sciatic and arm pain almost 100%!  I’ve gone from feeling crunched to feeling open.  You are very talented.”

Delia Horowitz, Los Osos, California


Dear Kristina ~  Want to let you know how the Fascial Stretch therapy has been helpful for me, as my body feels more limber and mobile.  Also, when I leave the session with you, I have a calm and peaceful feeling.  Thank you for helping me and my body.

Junia Wolf, Los Osos, California


“For the last four months, I have been receiving weekly fascial stretch therapy sessions from Kristina for a hip injury. When I started with her I could not walk without pain, and my 6 mile hikes were reduced to nothing. I am nearing total recovery, and I owe it all to her knowledgeable and professional approach to her work. She is also someone who has great insights into living a better life. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with body and mind.”

Al McVay, San Luis Obispo, California


“Kristina is a great Pilates instructor. She teaches the “first things first” which helped me build a good foundation on which to build on. She is very detail oriented and a good listener. She did not rush me, but instead was very patient as I was just beginning Pilates. She is very commited to her clients and her work. She really knows her stuff and knows how to communicate. I would recommend her in a heart beat to anyone who is interested in learning Pilates.”

Bettina Babbitt, Austin Texas


“I loved working with Kristina. I noticed quite a change in my body, the shape and strength, after just four sessions. I am a yoga instructor and thought that I was a well rounded athlete and Kristina made me aware of some weaknesses and imbalances in my body. Kristina has exceptional knowledge in her field of Pilates. Her private sessions are thorough, educational and fun. I would highly recommend working with her.”

Paula Harnish, Austin Texas


“I was lucky to have Kristina as my Pilates instructor over the course of several years. Her passion for Pilates, health and well-being were always apparent and motivating for her clients. Because she was a patient yet challenging instructor, I was always happy to sign up for her classes.”

Carla Click Austin Texas


“Kristina is by far the best Pilates instructor I have encountered. Her years of training and expertise make her a very effective trainer. I recommend her highly.”

Beth Myler – Austin Texas


“I have really enjoyed working with Kristina this past year. Her attention to detail and ensuring that your technique is proper and the most effective it can be has really made a difference in my Pilates practice. She is personable and entertaining, but very professional. I highly recommend Kristina!”

Lisa Magids, Austin Texas